Salsa recipe with diced tomatos?

Does anyone have a recipe for the type of salsa with the diced tomatoes and onions? I think those also have cilantro and lime juice or something. I don’t want ...

Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Hey guys, I’d like to make some burritos and tacos tomorrow using pork/beef/chicken. I’d like to know what it is a good cheese that Mexican cuisine may use. I’ve read ...

Cholo’s Homestyle Mexican Fish Tacos…

This week on Hawaiian Grown Kitchen, Executive Chef Grant Kawasaki gets authentic with Hawaii’s Best Little Mexican Restaurant, Cholo’s Homestyle Mexican Food. Manager Mark and Chef Lyle share some of ...


Chicken Tamales Recipe : Serving Chicken Tamales

How to serve authentic chicken tamales; learn more about making traditional Mexican ...

How to Make Enchiladas : Cooking Chicken for Enchiladas: Part 1

How to cook chicken to make chicken enchiladas; learn more about making ...

Tamale Making 101 – Tamales Oaxaquenos Recipe

Make Mexican food in your own home. Maria Meza, owner of El ...

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Does anyone know a fresh and healthy salsa recipe?

I have two kinds of peppers, onions and I can easily get other stuff because the supermarket is right down the street. What’s your best healthy recipe? Finely chop: tomato’s, red onion, jalepeno peppers, fresh garlic, cilantro, a splash of olive oil, and fresh lime juice.

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I have a great mango salsa recipe – but what sauce should I use to marinade my chicken?

You’re supposed to pour the salsa on top of the chicken, but what sauce should I use to marinade the chicken in before I pan fry it? Also – Any thoughts on a good side dish? Rice probably – but that’s so boring. Anything else? I would suggest brining your chicken. Your chicken will never […]

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Does anyone have a feta cheese salsa/dip recipe?

I had this really good salsa/dip at work once and it was soo good, but I can’t find a recipe for it. It had feta cheese, beans (blackbeans I think), corn, and salsa. That’s all that I can remember but I know that there was more in it. Can anyone help or give me a […]

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I need a really good salsa recipe?

I always have these really flavor filled salsa, and there so good I would like to know how to make my own. Nothing to thick, and lots of flavor. Links would be great. Thank you! Buy about 8 jalapenos, 2 small tomato’s and 3 cloves of garlic. Toast the jalapenos and tomato’s on a griddle […]

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Does anyone have a good salsa recipe?

i need a recipe for salsa. it has to be something quick, simple, and have tomato and jalapeno in it. thanks. WAY easy. And I live in New Mexico, so I know 😉 Rinse and core 2-3 medium/large tomatoes and add to food processor with 1-2 jalapenos (rinsed and chopped, remove the veins and seeds […]

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How can I get my salsa recipe manufactured so I can sell it to grocery stores?

I make a great salsa that I would like to try and sell at grocery stores. How can I get this salsa made in a commercial kitchen and then distributed to grocery stores? You need to search for companies that currently sell salsa. Then ask them if they sell private label. If they do then […]

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Cantina Del Rio salsa recipe?

The Cantina Del Rio was a restaurant chain owned by Bob Evans restaurants. The chain was closed and I’m trying to find their salsa recipe. It was fantastic and one I can’t duplicate. Is anyone familiar? Much like alot of unique restaurants that close their doors for one reason or another the creative brainpower goes […]

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what is the healthiest food to get at a mexican restaurant??

something really tasty!! and filling some type of salad with grilled (no fried) meat.

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What is the best salsa recipe?

I am seriously craving salsa right now. Best recipe? Authentic Mexican Basic Tomato Salsa Recipe Fresh Tomato Salsa Recipe Ingredients 2 large, red ripe tomatoes, peeled and seeded 1 garlic clove peeled 1 Anaheim green chili, seeded and cut into thirds 3 green onions, cleaned and cut into 1 inch pieces 4 oz canned chopped […]

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What is a healthy diet, if you don’t cook and only eat out?

I never cook, and always eat out at someplace or other. I have enough money to spend to eat out almost anywhere every day, so thats not an issue. Just wanted to know what would be a good diet in these terms? Some places include Subway, Mexican Food, Chinese Food, Pizza / Pasta, Wawa, Thai […]

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