How to Make Enchiladas : Cooking Chicken for Enchiladas: Part 1

How to cook chicken to make chicken enchiladas; learn more about making traditional Mexican and Tex-Mex food in this free cooking video.

Expert: J. Costilla
Bio: J. Costilla is an emerging chef in San Antonio, Tx. He hopes to open an ethnic cafe one day. He is also a commercial photographer & shoots for restaurants in and around San Antonio.
Filmmaker: julio costilla

Duration : 0:2:20

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7 Responses to “How to Make Enchiladas : Cooking Chicken for Enchiladas: Part 1”

  1. hunnypinky
    at #

    the spices are juss …
    the spices are juss gonna be cooked thoroghly anyways you MORON

  2. nimms27
    at #

    what is the chicken …
    what is the chicken seasoned with???

  3. jstngardipee
    at #

    nothing like a man …
    nothing like a man chef.. I used to have a boyfriend that was a chef for a country club.. oh ya!! and then some.

  4. AmirSherhan
    at #

    Said he was gonna …
    Said he was gonna wash his hands but didn’t, then handled spices and the teaspoon. For shame!

  5. cjmegapunch
    at #


  6. luckydragon76
    at #

    But I wanted to …
    But I wanted to learn how to make chichen enchiladas!

  7. Music4YouNdMe
    at #

    Good Job.
    Good Job.

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