Eat This, Not That! Healthy Mexican Food

Sarah and Tina from Carrots ‘N’ Cake visit Ole’ Mexican Grill in Cambridge to show you “Eat This, Not That” healthy mexican food dishes you’ll love.

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Which is the best option? Quesadilla, burrito, torta, nachos, chips, guacamole, or tacos?

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18 Responses to “Eat This, Not That! Healthy Mexican Food”

  1. weaternpi
    at #

    ceviche world …
    ceviche world healthiest food preserves all vitamins since it’s cooked in lemon no pathogens like what you will find in sushi plus it’s super high in vitamin c

  2. fcdjca
    at #

    Quesadilla, two …
    Quesadilla, two words in one , QUESA – ( queso – chesse ) DILLA ( tort-illa ) queso in tortilla QUESADILLA

  3. k0ga777
    at #

    please get more …
    please get more educated before posting even if you work hard everyday it doesnt mean your healthy you could be loading your body full of trans and saturated fats not to mention salts which equal hgh blood pressure cholesterol whiich can lead to stroke and heart attack very erly in life

  4. cynaminqueen
    at #

    some people who pig …
    some people who pig out and have a diet soda might be diabetic. just cant have sugar.

  5. artisart
    at #

    i don’t think it …
    i don’t think it matters, i’m mexican, and have been all over mexico, no one cares what a quesadilla looks like, as long as its cheese and tortilla, and tasty 🙂

  6. LoVeS2007
    at #

    thanks Sarah and …
    thanks Sarah and Tina

  7. melanimelover
    at #

    thaank you so much …
    thaank you so much 🙂

  8. CassandraBlack00
    at #

    quesadillas doesnt …
    quesadillas doesnt look like that in mexico xD

  9. do0rkn0b
    at #

    you’re going to die …
    you’re going to die anyway. lol diets. you know what’s better than dieting? doing some real work.

  10. jdfox1
    at #

    Nice! 🙂
    Nice! 🙂

  11. zahaladino
    at #

    thank you , very …
    thank you , very much.

    pero aclaro que la comida mexicana es muy saludable… en Mexico

  12. mrparlor
    at #

    whats the point, if …
    whats the point, if your going to eat mexican foor or some fast food dont hold back and just go for it!..its like people who pig out and have a diaet soda..get real!

  13. pongman
    at #

    Well, yeah I agree. …
    Well, yeah I agree. The advantage was there were only two customers in the restaurant. It’s a new restaurant that just opened up. A friend of mine told me to check it out. It wasn’t as fancy as the one you were in but I did feel like I got transported to Mexico. The only fancy thing they had were these toothpicks with a tiny Mexican flag attached to them to keep the burrito together.

  14. SarahsFabChannel
    at #

    I always feel bad …
    I always feel bad asking waiters for simple requests. I guess it’s all in how you ask and who your server is. I try to avoid being “that girl” if the place is super swamped.

  15. SarahsFabChannel
    at #

    Haha – I am doing …
    Haha – I am doing it, but I booked this shoot before hand, and so I did try some of it, to be honest, with the calories in my meals and my workout routines, I’ll lose 5lbs of fat in 3 weeks which is pretty quick. I can afford to eat a few extra calories.

  16. pongman
    at #

    Thanks Sarah! I …
    Thanks Sarah! I had Mexican food yesterday for lunch and I asked the server for a vegetarian burrito and she came through with a side of rice and beans. It was delicious. It’s amazing that this small Mexican restaurant was able to do that.

  17. ginersnaps1
    at #

    drool food. YUMMY.
    drool food. YUMMY.

  18. bluedooke
    at #

    that sandwich looks …
    that sandwich looks nice!

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