Tamale Making 101 – Tamales Oaxaquenos Recipe

Make Mexican food in your own home.

Maria Meza, owner of El Rancho Grande Restaurant, 311 Plainfield Ave, Providence, RI 02909 demonstrates how to make tamales using maza, mole, chicken, olives, plums, peppers, banana leaves, and various Mexican spices.

To learn more about Maria, the Mexican Food they serve and how you can find their restaurant visit their website by following this link www.elranchogranderestaurant.com.

Duration : 0:6:50

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12 Responses to “Tamale Making 101 – Tamales Oaxaquenos Recipe”

  1. elshack1
    at #

    these is a tamal …
    these is a tamal its just that theres so many different kinds that the usual ones r the ones with mole and meat but i think that one is called tamal de “rajas”

  2. lamborghinifan6
    at #

    i’ve been to oaxaca …
    i’ve been to oaxaca and this is not how the people made the tamales they just used the mole the never added green peppers or olives

  3. mira227
    at #

    hot tamales!
    hot tamales!

  4. tubeytubiste
    at #

    Sorry guy but this …
    Sorry guy but this is not a Oaxacan tamal, we use the banana lift but we dont make it that way and we never mix the olives, and the peppers with mole

  5. caroali35
    at #

    I’ve tried this …
    I’ve tried this tamales with achiote and pork meat instead of mole poblano and beef., and they are incredible delicious!
    Banana leaves are available in any latino supermarket!

  6. vikki10
    at #

    banana tamales are …
    banana tamales are my fav

    its just so moist and yum lol

    if you have not tried the banana leaf ones please do there is a major difference.

    at #

    Very nice video, …
    Very nice video, the difference between corn leaf and banana leaf is very VERY very great,
    the tamales are not comparable, the taste adn texture actually differs, with banana the tamale is more moist sweeter and something more the banana leaf adds that you can explain, that was a real treat for me when I was a child in Mexico. Enjoy!

  8. ButchinLA
    at #

    the interviewer is …
    the interviewer is SO annoying

  9. alicephrontistery
    at #

    That’s what I …
    That’s what I wanted to know: is there a great difference in taste between banana wraped and corn wrapped tamales? I would imagine so, but in what way; are the banana tamales sweeter in the masa (because it will be the masa that picks up the “spice” of the wrapping)? My experience is only with corn husk wraps and I’ve used them on various styles of tamales, from seafood, vegitarian, fruit, sweet anise and raisin, pulled pork with red chile, pulled chicken with green chile, and beef w/chile.

  10. eyeofprovidenceorg
    at #

    There is a …
    There is a difference in taste because it picks up the flavors of the corn husk or banana leaf. However, the most significant difference to me is how the tamal inside of the banana leaf doesn’t dry out.

  11. alicephrontistery
    at #

    She’s putting them …
    She’s putting them on banana leaves…I wonder, what is the difference in taste in comparison to the tamales on corn sheaves? It probably has alot of difference in taste depending on how the different masas were prepared and what the filling was.

  12. niceguyjeff
    at #

    Stop talking to her …
    Stop talking to her and just let her do her stuff. More the 3 mins. is a snoose.

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