Mexican Chile Relleno Recipe : How to Prepare the Pepper for Chile Rellenos

Learn how to prepare the pepper for chile rellenos with expert cooking tips in this free Mexican cuisine video clip.

Expert: Tünde Mándly
Bio: Manager Tünde Mándly together with the chef Gábor Gödri work at the Iguana Bar & Grill – La Cantina de Budapest, specializing in authentic Tex-Mex cooking.
Filmmaker: Paul Volniansky

Duration : 0:1:17

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11 Responses to “Mexican Chile Relleno Recipe : How to Prepare the Pepper for Chile Rellenos”

  1. brissima
    at #

    stop hating ppl , …
    stop hating ppl , if you disagree with how they cook, then make your own video and show us your version of chili rellenos

  2. MrWolf666
    at #

    ahhhhh! new york is …
    ahhhhh! new york is a blend of the next possible. some good – some should be against the law, lol!
    i just made some – i loved it!

    good cooken.. and peace in the middle east!

  3. bluehorse888
    at #

    so true..whats with …
    so true..whats with all the mexican food nazis?? all kinds of food in all places taste different..mexican food in tampico is different from san miguel is different from new york

  4. 1640george
    at #

    no no no please …
    no no no please help them virgen maria. nosaben acer chiles rellenos you loco

  5. MrWolf666
    at #

    euro style is new …
    euro style is new concept – all these player hater mexicans can’t stand it – relax!
    soy mexicano pendejos.

  6. JenTheBlondie84
    at #

    yeah … completely …
    yeah … completely wrong!

  7. lilchuy0
    at #

    that is not how you …
    that is not how you make chile rellenos u jerk! what kind of restaurant is that?

  8. casanovaerick
    at #

    u suck…… …
    u suck…… honestly!!!!!!!!

  9. ebrinethdavid
    at #

    OMG!! Again that is …
    OMG!! Again that is not how to make chile rellenos lady!!!

  10. chasemice
    at #

    Do not fry the …
    Do not fry the pepper to get the skin off. *ROAST* it and then put it in a plastic baggy to let it sweat. Then you peel it off. When you shop for the peppers, try to get straight ones so it will be easier to roast evenly.

  11. limegreen347
    at #

    Wrong kind of …
    Wrong kind of peppers!!!Traditional chiles rellenos or the poblanos!!

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